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26 secondes

Assia and Layla are exceptional and they know it.

5 years ago, we would have been surprised to hear that too!
Because for a long time, we felt like we were invisible.

Despite the fire that had always burned in us, expressing ourselves in public, inspiring confidence and showing the world what we were worth, was far from our strong point. Imposter syndrome, shyness… call it what you will!

The frustration was there for sure.

And then, one day, while still half assuming, we got together to create a bag. It was beautiful, it was amazing in person.

But, still not very sure of ourselves, we played it cool. We would just vaguely answer “a purse” to interested parties who would ask us, “What’s that, 26 seconds?”

So what’s changed?
The world is full of strangers who think they’re stars, who promote themselves, who talk about themselves as a reference when they obviously haven’t accomplished anything special in their lives. And you know what? They are right!

In reality, asking the world to believe in us means first being 100% convinced that we have created the perfect product!

A work of art to wear
So we say it, without complex: 26 seconds is a work of art to wear.

Pretentious? Perhaps. Ambitious? Certainly. Excessive? Totally!

26 seconds is also the story of all those who feel trapped and do not dare to assume their extraordinary personality. We’re telling you: YOU ARE EXCEPTIONAL!