Anemone Rugs

Behind ANEMONE there is me, Perrine, a photographer who graduated from the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts and has always been passionate about the visual and decorative arts.
At the beginning of 2022, after a trip around Europe in a van and looking for a new way of expression, I started to experiment with the art of tufting and tapestry in general, and after many hours of practice, I decided to create my first rugs and to share this work through the ANEMONE RUGS project.

I use high quality cotton wool for all my rugs so that they are soft and durable over rugs are VEGAN, so I don’t use wool of animal origin in order to avoid exploitation drifts.

The glue used for the gluing is a glue with natural components, without harmful emanations and meeting strict standards to protect my customers and the environment.

Discover here my fluffy and retro universe through my Vegan rugs, entirely handmade in the heart of Brussels!