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Be The Fibre

Be the fibre is an initiative of Wereld Missie Hulp (WMH). By collecting clothing in its red containers on the public highway, WMH supports numerous development projects by helping organizations and people in need or in need.

The high-quality clothing collected is always available for sale. Non-reusable items are defibrated and processed into accessories and promotional gifts, such as laptop cases and backpacks. Our offer also includes other circular products, made from PET or marine waste, among others. And these circular products are sold by be the fibre.

With this approach we want to have a sustainable impact in the textile sector and at the same time initiate a circular movement. Because, by choosing it, we:


✔️ contribute to the preservation of natural resources

✔️ reduce waste volume

✔️ use much less water

✔️ guarantee good working conditions

✔️ help reduce the environmental footprint

And the benefits in all this? We invest them entirely in development projects, which also allows us to have an impact on society.

In short, with be the fibre, we are moving from a linear to a circular approach with a clear vision: employing people in a qualitative way, marketing circular products and financing sustainable development projects with the proceeds.

Be the fibre, a quality label for circular products!

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