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Capsule Cinq

“I was born in clothes. »

Since I was very young, I have been hanging out in my parents’ ready-to-wear shop.
During these years, I was able to share their passion for fashion. The heritage of this passion and my ambition have oriented my professional choices towards textiles from the making to the marketing. Today, as a young entrepreneur, it is about the way we consume that I wonder about our way of consuming.

“I was born into a family of five women. »

Five women with a strong character but also five women with multiple personalities: each with her own style with a common base, that of our mother who passed on to us: a taste for beautiful things and respect for her personality through what we wear.

“At home, there were always people. »

Nestled in the heart of a small village, my parents’ house and shop are one. Whether it was in the shop or in the large kitchen where my father was enthroned, it was often crowded. These people were part of our family life and this developed my curiosity, my spirit of initiative and my pleasure in human encounters.

Throughout my professional and private travels, I opened myself to different social, economic and historical contexts. These trips have inspired me and changed my vision of things. I have been sharing these inspirations with you for some time now via social networks. Today, I would like to turn them into reality through a new project.

In order to take action, to orientate my life in a more conscious and responsible way, I am starting the project of a different kind of consumption while remaining connected with the need to be oneself and in sharing.

Through the production of small collections limited in time, I wish to get closer to a production that is ecologically clean, socially committed and transparent.

The transition towards a sustainable economy is a challenge that I am ready to take up by sharing each step, each question, each encounter, each story.

Speaking of stories, it seems to me that I have just shared mine, and I am now ready to pass on others that will make you discover each of my small collections as unique.

My first collection is called FIVE, it is dedicated to the five women of my family.



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