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Janne Landuyt

I am Janne Landuyt and my name is also my label. I knit my own knitwear collections on my handknitting machines.

My atelier is in Beringen, Limburg. Every knit is designed and made in my studio.
In 2015 I started making knits for friends and acquaintances. At the time I was a self-employed
student, studying Textile design in Ghent. I started my company in June 2020. The first full
collection come out a few months later. This collection bears the name F12. The name and the
collection are inspired by the atelier space where I moved in, in june 2020. I took details from the
architecture and transformed them into knitwear. You can see them in the geometric forms or in the
structures of the knits. It is an ode to the building.
I get inspired by everything I see around me, architecture, worn clothing and colours. Every knit is an extensions of my own personality. It is my vision on fashion. I don’t like to follow trends, I like to follow my own personality. Making images with geometric forms that gain volume when worn. I want to make knits the are sustainable and you can treasure for a long time.