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Mr. Manchette

The shirt makes the man.

Mr. Manchette markets stylish men’s shirts and wants to convince people to be open to fair and ecological fashion. From fabric to work, from product to sale. The love and respect for people and the environment is woven into the entire line.

Our story

How do you link sustainable to trendy? Originality to fair production? It is with this core idea that An Boone baptised Mr Manchette. Passionate about all things fair and inspired by fashion, she let her creativity loose on ‘the men’s shirt’. There was a gap between wearable and durable, between ‘nice to wear’ and fair. From the very beginning, Mr. Manchette opted for fair production, and has his shirts made in Portugal, by premium shirt makers. In soft fabrics, pesticide- and chemical-free, and with a lot of attention for upcycling and use of eco-friendly and natural raw materials.

Mr. Manchette wants to convince consumers to choose for fair and ecological fashion, hence the slogan “Uncuff your style”.

Mr. Manchette’s shirts open your mind to fair fashion.