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PB by Pauline

The incredible story of PB by Pauline

It all started in her early childhood, when Pauline discovered the world of fashion.

For several years she participated in fashion shows and exhibitions, in parallel with her studies in fashion design. And little by little she started a collection of women’s ready-to-wear.

Supported by her family and friends, she made her dream come true and launched her brand PB by Pauline, offering unique quality creations made entirely in Belgium.

PB by Pauline, more than just a brand. It is above all a human and collective project that grows day by day.

The creator:

Let me introduce myself, Pauline, originally from Paris and living in Belgium for several years. I have always been surrounded by the world of fashion thanks to my grandmother, a seamstress by profession, and my mother, a seamstress by passion.

Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to create my own brand and realize my dream: to become a stylist. Having a lively and ambitious mind, I studied in Brussels. After graduation, I started my own business and created PB by Pauline in 2019.

I arrived in Belgium in 2007, with my parents, and spent my teenage years there. I also studied there and met love. Today this country has a big place in my heart. I decided to settle down here permanently, in the charming city of Braine l’Alleud.

Our values:

PB by Pauline is a high-end ready-to-wear brand mixing two cultures, two countries: France and Belgium, and which favors quality and craftsmanship.

The fabrics are carefully chosen in Europe and our creations are produced from A to Z in our workshop in Belgium. Behind each piece is a unique know-how and cared by expert hands. The advantage of craftsmanship is that each piece is unique.

At PB by Pauline we like to maintain a transparent and human relationship with our customers, and we give them a special attention. Thanks to your opinions and comments, you are part of the PB by Pauline adventure.

Our brand is responsible because we always produce limited quantities in order to reduce our ecological impact to the maximum. Our products are of quality, made to last. We try to create affordable collections, at the right price and all this according to the time of confection and the different materials used for each piece.

Its products

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