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Since 1927 the DE RUITER family has been manufacturing leather bags in Holland under the name RUITERTASSEN. With time and thanks to the professionalism of the family, RUITERTASSEN has gained a worldwide reputation.

Thanks to his innovative ideas, Frank Tegenbos found a new way for Ruitertassen, without ever deviating from its core values. He is joined in 2006 by Stefaan Claerhout, a renowned Belgian leather craftsman.
Together they re-developed the Heritage range, and created new collections for professionals. Jacob’s reassured children finally retire.
Today, Ruitertassen is still a family business, now Hollando-Belge.
We are passionate about the history of our company, and its founder, only the main lines of which are recounted on this page.
The strength of character of Ruitertassen was forged through the 2 great wars. While its philosophy and business values were defined in the 1950s.

Ruitertassen is when tradition becomes passion.

Its products

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