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Monty’s Accessories

Our story: Katie, Nicolas and Monty

Starting a new decade seems to be a turning point for many people and when we reached our thirties, it happened to us too. On a long summer’s night we finally came to terms with our married life. Our desire was to travel and discover what the world had to offer, but on this journey, our discussions led us to the same wish every time. We wanted to create something personal, something we were passionate about.

When we returned, our new adventure began. Combining Katie’s creative imagination and design experience with Nicolas’ analytical mind, we founded Monty’s Accessories

After seeing the lack of originality in men’s essential accessories and the low quality of mass production, we knew our values would be the opposite. Monty’s Accessories aims to maintain a high standard of quality with authentic design for products made by reputable manufacturers and craftsmen in Europe.

Oh, and if you’re wondering who Monty is. He is the brand ambassador and our four-legged friend who makes our workspace shine. We believe his mission in life is to create fun. Maybe not always the fun we approve of but he guarantees to bring a smile to every person he meets.